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Weather Update

I don’t intend to brag – at least not too much. But while my Dallas friends are roasting in triple-digit temperatures, it is a balmy 72 in Jumbo, Ghana. I slept without a fan last night. Under my two-yard. I … Continue reading

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Expanded Vocabulary

Sitting on a small stone in my front yard, I look up at the expectant faces of eight cherubs ready to listen to a book. I point to the words on the cover and read them in carefully articulated English: … Continue reading

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Mail Call

Each monthly PCV electronic newsletter includes a list of Volunteers who have packages from America waiting to be picked up in Accra, Ghana.  Next to the person’s name is the amount of money owed for customs – 7 Ghanaian cedis … Continue reading

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Twenty-six apprehensive middle-school teens arrived at the Nkwanta South District Hospital compound, backpacks overflowing with a week’s worth of clothing.  Four excited high-school teens had arrived a few hours earlier to serve as camp leaders, role models for the younger … Continue reading

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Typical Day

What do you miss? What do you need? What’s your typical day like? The three most common questions I receive. The answers to the first two questions are easy.

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Wall Quote

I have continued to write quotations or inspirational thoughts with chalk on my freshly painted walls. I wanted to share this one: You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time … Continue reading

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