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Operation Smile – Part Two

YEAH!!!! I found the file.  I won’t go into the details.  But as I expected, it was user error.  Here’s the full story on the first few days of Op Smile.  Some of it will seem very familiar… ***** Operation … Continue reading

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Operation Smile

I want to cry.  Or kick something.  Or scream.  And that’s not my typical mode of operation.  I composed a detailed blog this morning and planned to make a few final edits tonight before publishing it.  And now… I cannot … Continue reading

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Yard Work

When boys from the age of six to twelve holler “Madam! Madam!” at my front gate, they usually want my football or frisbee for a few hours.  They almost always come in pairs; sometimes a group of four or five … Continue reading

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Jumbo Projects

After returning from his farm on Monday, the gong-gong beater strolled through Jumbo as dusk transitioned to evening.  He clanged two pieces of metal together to attract attention. Stopping every few minutes, he spoke loudly without yelling when he announced … Continue reading

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Baking in Ghana

New bread recipe. Yeast that expired in 2010.  Oven with no knobs. Adapted recipe: Added sugar to encourage yeast to grow. Added extra flour to dry super-sticky dough.

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Ghanaian English

Growing up in America, I learned and spoke American English. Where I might call something a thingamajig if I couldn’t think of the correct word. Where the biggest football match each year was the Super Bowl. Where I wore comfy … Continue reading

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New Taste Treat

Ghana is the tenth leading producer of groundnuts (peanuts). I am consuming more than my fair share of the millions of metric tons produced each year. Yesterday I added groundnut paste (peanut butter) to my beans and rice – a … Continue reading

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