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October 31

Two children come to my dining room window to greet me as I eat my egg sandwich breakfast. After we exchange traditional greetings and talk small-small, I show them the front of a greeting card with a huge birthday cake … Continue reading

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Voting 2012

Like the tiniest Matryoshka doll, my absentee ballot sits securely within a small envelope encased in a graduated series of larger containers – ready for each successive layer to be opened and examined for authenticity by a various officials in … Continue reading

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Adinkra Cloth

I spent Sunday preparing for my favorite holiday by stamping traditional West African symbols onto bright orange cotton fabric. The Ashanti stamps with hand-carved designs on dried calabashes

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My Role

Monday I was a tourist in Ghana. Today I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jumbo. Monday I sweated as I hiked up Breast Mountain at Kyebobo National Park. This morning I sweated as I watched two experts from Ghana-WASH … Continue reading

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Yesterday my two closest PCV neighbors – Nate who lives an hour bike ride away and Kristi who lives an hour trotro ride away – and I hiked Breast Mountain in Kyabobo (pronounced Che-bo-bo) National Park near Nkwanta.  Nate and … Continue reading

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AIMing for Longevity

Life expectancy in Ghana is less than sixty years. Several Peace Corps volunteers recently contributed a bit toward improving and extending lives of Ghanians by participating in sixth annual Accra International Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K. The Accra International Marathon … Continue reading

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No Lights

I thought I had “gone Ghanian” last week. Lights went out. No problem. “No lights” is part of daily life in Jumbo. Electricity goes off, then returns in a few minutes or a few hours. When Issac and Ophelia dropped … Continue reading

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