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A friend’s recent questions provide a focus for today’s hodge-podge blog about news, holidays and home… How do you keep up with news?  Local and world? Local news comes from individuals in the community.  World news comes from the internet. … Continue reading

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Learning to Talk

Eight-year-old Ilando (ee-lan-doe’) cannot talk. He communicates with a loud, “Agh. Agh! Agh!!” while gesturing with his hands, making vivid facial expressions and animating his entire body. Sometimes it’s easy to understand what he’s saying with his gestures.

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Packing List

A new group of Ghana Peace Corps Volunteers arrives in February.  They are finalizing their packing lists – deciding which 80 pounds of “stuff from America” are critical for their twenty-seven months in Ghana. I drafted a  lengthy packing list … Continue reading

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