Time to Travel…

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Preparing to travel can be overwhelming, but TIME is the key:

  • T = Tickets
  • I = Identification
  • M = Money
  • E = Energy

I have hundreds of details to finalize over the next month, but I have the basics. I have TIME for my pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago.

Tickets: I used frequent flyer miles to purchase round-trip tickets – giving myself about seven weeks to walk 500 miles across northern Spain. Guidebooks recommend a minimum of 33 days (the number of days Jesus lived on earth – walking about 15 miles a day) or 40 days (a link to the significance of 40 in many religions – averaging about 13 miles a day). With an almost two month time allotment, I’ll stroll a bit more than ten miles each day along the Way.

Identification: I bit my nails when I realized a few weeks ago that my US passport had expired. Yikes! I mailed the application – including a check and head-shot but not the $60 expedite fee – and trusted the agency would meet their estimated 4-6 weeks turnaround. My renewed passport arrived in less than three weeks. Yeah! I’ve ordered a Pilgrim Passport (credencial) so I can stay in pilgrim hostels (called refugios or albergues) along the way. My credencial – to be stamped by albergues or cathedrals along the way – allows me to receive a compostela (certificate of completion of the pilgrimage) when I arrive in Santiago.


A credencial (with awesome stamps) will make an incredible souvenir.


Money: Camino guidebooks recommend allocating 25 Euros a day – enough for sleeping in a bunk bed, eating a communal supper, and eating along the trail. With my new no-international-transaction-fee ATM card, I can withdraw money every few days. I’ll use a credit card for special treats – like staying in a hotel or eating at a nice restaurant.

Energy: I’m thrilled about the opportunity to meet people and experience life along the camino. My clases de espanol and Spanish CDs give me confidence; I’ll be able to say more than por favor and gracias. Over the last several weeks, I’ve walked about 30 miles with my new Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack and Lowa Renegade boots. I almost feel like a hiker instead of a walker. I still bubble with enthusiasm when people ask me about my trip.


I have TIME (Tickets, Identification, Money, Energy) to begin my journey.

But, more importantly, I am making time.

Time to move forward each day.

Time to get out of my comfort zone.

Time to explore.

Time to follow my dream.

Time to grow.

Time to transform into a pilgrim.

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8 Responses to Time to Travel…

  1. Ronnie Brandenburg says:

    Have a great trip and keep us posted. You are in our hearts and prayers.

    • lsmittle says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. It will be interesting to see how frequently I’ll be able to update posts along the way. I’ll have plenty of photos and stories to share when I return.

  2. Bob Loyd says:

    Linda, I hope you find an abundance of smiles along your journey.
    And please, have a safe trip.

  3. Sandi Black says:

    You never cease to amaze me. I’m an ol’ stick in the mud next to you.

  4. lsmittle says:

    LOL. We are at different phases in our lives – focusing on different things.

  5. Loretta says:

    You are a woman after my own heart. Bravo! Your Peace Corps adventure was challenge enough; the “walk” will top your PC experience. Can’t wait to follow along with your blog.

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