Zariquiegui today – Eunate tomorrow

Today I walked through Pamplona, famous for the running of the bulls each July. I considered spending the day and seeing the sights. But after the quietness of the camino, I wasn’t ready to be in tourist mode. I walked on – visiting a lovely church in Cizur Menor and stopping at noon to spend the afternoon and evening in Zariquigui.

I walked (on trails) through fields where Charlemagne’s Christian forces defeated Aigolando’s Muslim army in the 8th century. All was peaceful today.

Authentic Spanish flan finished today’s pilgrim meal (after creamy veggie soup, fish, fries, veggies, bread, and wine.)


Tomorrow I plan to walk to this church (Iglesia de Eunate) and stay close by.


The Camino continues to bless me.

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4 Responses to Zariquiegui today – Eunate tomorrow

  1. sharon tobin says:

    What an exciting trip this is. Glad you are having such a wonderful time

  2. Rose Baker says:

    Not sure if you want comments. Please advise! Rose Baker

  3. lsmittle says:

    love the photos of FOOD! thanks. We can all connect with food. Church looks beautiful.

  4. Jan Clark says:

    Good to hear of pleasant travel for you! Godspeed!

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