About Me

Life is calling.  How far will you go?

That Peace Corps tag-line desribes my appoach to the final stage of Learn-Earn-Return life phases.  I want to go the distance as I give back to the world.

My formal learning includes degrees in Education and Organization Development.  I would need a couple of pages to list all the informal learning I’ve explored in classroom settings and by reading books.  A few highlights include guitar, sign language, Spanish, native plants, beekeeping, health and fitness.  Now I’m learning about Ghanaian culture and the Twi language.  And I’m always learning more about myself!

I earned my living by teaching in public schools (Head Start and Kindergarten) before joining the corporate world.  After 23 years at Texas Instruments working with incredibly talented people in a variety of roles, I retired so I could spend more time exploring life.

I love being able to return – to give back. I’ve actively supported non-profits through the years.  It’s exciting to be in a position where I can devote most of my energy to sharing my knowledge, skills and time.

Thanks for taking time to read about my adventures!

I love receiving cards and letters. My physical mailing address is:
Linda Smittle, PCV
Peace Corps, Ghana
PO Box 5796
Accra-North, Ghana
West Africa

I also have a mobile phone. Please reply to one of my posts if you’d like my phone number or email address.

Please feel free to forward the link to my blog to others who may be interested.  I’d love to have more followers!

All postings on this blog are copyrighted.


15 Responses to About Me

  1. John Byers says:

    You have a wonderful writing style. Reading your entries feels like sitting across the table from you having conversation over a cup of coffee. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    • lsmittle says:

      Thanks, John. As I write, I try to imagine sitting across from you or another friend sharing an ice cream shake (since I don’t like coffee and a cold shake sounds delightful on a hot day). I appreciate your support.

  2. Teresa Cave says:

    Linda, I so enjoy reading about your Ghana adventures. You seem truly in your element. I think many Americans presume everyone wants to live the way we do, but your Ghana friends seem happy and content while living thoughtful, loving lives. Keep up the good work and post often.

    Teresa Cave

    • lsmittle says:

      Thanks, Teresa. Your comment about people is so true. You don’t have to have lots of money or material objects to have an incredibly happy and satisfying life.

  3. Alden Mahler Levine says:

    Linda, I’m an RPCV, and I just stumbled on your blog while digging for news on PC Ghana. And the post about expired yeast and knobless ovens made me laugh out loud, right here at work. No matter where we served, I think many/most PCVs can relate with that stuff! Your cake looked better than many of the things I managed to concoct. Just wanted to thank you for the laugh, and tell you you have a new reader. If you’re interested, send me your email address; I’m a decent pen-pal! 🙂

    • lsmittle says:

      Alden, it’s only three years later – and I just read your comment about my blog. Thanks for taking time to read and comment about by blog. I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to be pen-pals. I hope life as an RPCV is good for you. I’m still getting into my RPCV groove.

  4. Lisa Spencer says:

    Hi Linda! I’m a fellow PCV in (not so) nearby Mozambique. I really like reading your blog and have included a link to your page in my blog. I hope that you don’t mind! You can find the link at lisajospencer.blogspot.com. Please let me know if you would rather that I take it down. Good luck with the rest of your time in Ghana.

  5. dwostenberg says:

    Hi Linda!
    I have absolutely loved reading your blog. I am excited to say that I will be joining you in Ghana in February working in the Health sector! I would love to email you to know more about what to expect and to pick your brain about a few things.

    • lsmittle says:

      Congratulations on being selected to go to Ghana to work on improving health. I look forward to meeting you. Let me know what questions you have.

    • lsmittle says:

      Thanks for reading my blog – and the positive comments. I’m delighted you’ll soon be joining me in the Health sector in Ghana. Our paths will cross in training sessions, at various meetings, and when we’re working on some interesting projects together.

      Have fun eating lots of your favorite American food and spending tons of face-time with your family and friends before you begin your Peace Corps adventure in February.

  6. Shavonne says:

    Hi Linda! I’m working with the Dept. of Communications at Peace Corps. Reading through your posts, I think you’d be a fantastic contributor for our new blog. If you’re interested, please tell me your email so I can send you more details. 🙂

    • lsmittle says:

      Thanks, Shavonne. I look forward to contributing to the new Peace Corps Passport blog. I appreciate the opportunity to write for a broader audience. What a fun way for others to learn about life as a PCV.

  7. Jenna Gottschalk says:

    Hi Linda,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog entries, and I have learned so much about Ghana already. This August 2014 I will travel by myself to Ghana as part of a post-graduate fellowship, and I would love to ask you more questions about your experience in Ghana as a PCV. You can contact me via e-mail at… Thanks!

  8. Linda Hollingsworth says:

    Hi Linda,
    I am interviewing next week for a PCV assignment as a math teacher in Ghana starting in May. I happened across your blog and it was just perfect for me to read. I’m excited about your new adventure in Spain and look forward to reading all about it,
    My name is Linda as well. Thanks for sharing.

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